Saturday, 2 July 2011

Rogue Trooper vs Major Eazy - Staz Johnson

Last year saw Rogue return to the pages of the Prog, with a lovely tale by Gerry Finley Day showing he'd not lost it with the character, and excellent art by Staz, really evoking the vibe of the strips origins.
A worthy succesor to the likes of Gibbons and Wilson with his brilliant design work, Staz must be the number one choice if the strip ever becomes ongoing again.
Anyway, really pleased that Staz was up for returning to the fella and it seemed natural to look for a military type from the 70's to have him meet.
I straight away ruled out Charley Bourne and Darkie from this project, figuring the seriousness of those strips just wouldn't work on such a fun project.
In my mind that left two to choose from - Major Easy or Hellman.
I initially went for Hellman as i reckon he's a crimingly over-looked character and i wanted to give him a bit of exposure.
So Staz set to work but then i had second thoughts.
Rogue is such an iconic character that i thought maybe Hellman, in his plain black tank outfit, would get swamped in the piece.
So asked Staz if he'd mind changing to the far more visually striking Eazy and, luckily he did - and mighty glad i am too.
Stunning stuff.

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