Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Three Bears vs Thrud The Barbarian

Very, very pleased to see Carl Critchlow here, as i'm a huge fan of his work, be it his fully painted style that he's used for countless CCG pieces, his early work on 2000AD or his later work on that title and his brilliant "Thrud", where he'd changed his style to go for very fine linework that was then coloured in.
I've got quite a few pieces of his original art and its them that made me think Carl would be a natch for this project, not only 'cause he's terrific but, as you see here:

his B/W originals are brilliant by themselves and really evoke the spirit of 70's British comics.
So, got in touch with Carl and he said sure but i'd have to wait a while.
That was fine by me and i didn't mind the wait, especially as i didn't know who i'd be getting.
Straight up, i asked Carl if he would do for the modern character his Thrud, which seemed logical, and asked for a certain 70's person for the old one - who i won't name as hopefully he'll still be appearing on this here Site.
Carl said sure to Thrud, but would i mind if he chose the other side of the coin as he had something in mind?
Didn't mind that at all - half the fun of this project is the surprise of seeing what folk would come up with.
So, last week Carl sent me an email with an attached JPEG, asking if it was okay.
And that's a real thrill to sit there for a few seconds, waiting for the image to pop up.
And what a thrill to see these three appear!
I absolutley LOVED the Three Bears when i were a nipper and i can't tell you how chuffed i am to have an original of them done by one of my favourite artists, along with a brillaintly awful pun.
Carl, you're a gent sir.
BTW, if you're a stranger to Thrud, you really shouldn't be and i urge you to track down copies of his title.
Or pop along to Carl's site:

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Great news chums!

In the next few days, a brand new commission will be here for you.
Stay tuned!