Sunday, 24 July 2011

Adam Eterno vs Slaine - Glenn Fabry

Had a lovely day yesterday at a real small SF event down in Worthing. The two big guests were legends Pat Mills and Glenn Fabry and we had a fantastic laid-back time nattering for hours to both.
Being a massive fan of Glenn's Slaine, especially his magnificent early B&W work on the strip, i had to use the chance to garner another meeting for this project.
And who better for Slaine to meet than this earlier "time travelling hero who pops up just at the right time to solve a peoples woes", Adam Eterno.
Glenn had only the vaguest memory of the fella but still, with only this one reference shot to go on, came up with this stunning take.

He's nailed him hasn't he? The nose is just right, the big jaw spot on. LOVE IT.

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