Saturday, 30 July 2011

Robot Archie vs Judge Anderson - Dave Taylor

Right from the off, i had Dave down for Robot Archie as he's proven himself again and again to be a master of robot design, so wanted to see what his version of the fella would be like.
When coming up with these projects, i usually have either the old or new character in mind for a certain artist and then have to come up with t'other for them.
But, just as with Leigh Gallagher, i knew right from the off who i'd like both to be and, in Dave's case, the other had to be Anderson, after the stunning work he'd produced for her strip in the Megazine.
After Dave had okayed the premise it again was a case of letting the artist decide what the characters would be doing.
Now, of all the scenareos i could've come up with, a date wasn't exactly high up on my list for them to be doing.
So was in equal parts stunned, amazed and thrilled to recieve this.
Barking isn't it?
Barking and brilliant - its detailed here but in the flesh its even better and i keep going back to it to study it more.
Dave's known for his incredibly fine line work but here it's so fine its untrue - Anderson's jawline is so, so delicate.
Love it! Love the concept of them going out for the evening, love what's going on behind them (even though i've not a clue what that might be), love the lil' fella running out of his lil' door, love Batman making a guest apperance (Dave took a break from his Bat-title to do this), and love that i get a Mega City One establishment named after me.
Ace work Dave and thanks ever so.

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