Saturday, 16 July 2011

Black Max commission - Dom Reardon

As i say, figured there's two ways to go with Max - traditional war comic style or to play up the horror element.
Going the spooky route, i have a top three wish list of Dom Reardon, Frazer Irving and Leigh Gallagher, because of the stunning, moody B&W work they've produced over the years.
So i was thrilled that Dom was up for it. He didn't know the character and needed reference pics and, again, i asked if i could have a full length shot with maybe a Bat in the background?
Dom said yup and that he also planned on putting a plane in there and could i supply some frames from the strip for reference.
Happy to do that and happier still to get this prelim before long:

Of course it was ok so i asked to carry on and the finished piece is up top.
I wanted a dark, moody, supernatural take on the fella and Dom didn't disapoint.
Cheers Dom!

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