Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Laser Eraser meets Judge Anderson by Chris Wildgoose

I've been a fan of Chris' work since i bought the stunning "Porcelain" graphic novel, a terrific tale and i'm SO looking forward its sequel. The new ongoing "Butterfly Gate" is very much recommended too:

As well as being a terrific artist and excellent draughtsman, i'm also always taken at how brilliant Chris is at drawing women, not having to go the cliche, pouting, baps out route to make a character distinctive:

I'd already had the fella pegged for contributing to this here project and thought he'd be a natural for a two female matching, something i've thought is needed after all the macho-ness as what we've seen so far.
But what females?
Well, i've gone with Anderson for the modern as she's still pretty regularly in print

And, looking for a strong, independant female to match her, i've gone for Mysta Mistralis, the Laser Eraser who, along with partner Axel Pressbutton, have been crimingly over-looked when talking reprints, graphic novels and merchandise. Lets have some now!

As usual with these projects, the thrill of it is seeing the completed piece and that was true here as Chris never sent me any premlims or thumbnails.
Stunned and amazed by what i was presented with a couple of days ago - he's nailed both characters perfectly (even down to the padding of Mysta's clothing), in a brilliant moment and, as my wife said when i showed her it, "that's how you draw women".