Monday, 13 August 2012

Old One Eye vs Gorehead by James McKay

Was SO thrilled to hear that Flesh was coming back. Not only coming back, but it'd be a direct sequel to my 2nd favourite strip when 2000AD first started. It'll have Trans Time! It'll have cowboys! It'll have outlandish dinosaur gore! And, hopefully, great looking dinosaurs too. Happily, James really delivered on that front and, as soon as i read the first episode, i got in touch with the fella to see if he'd take part in this here project. Straight away i knew what i wanted: The now totally inaccurate, standing bolt upright, portly, big-headed Old One Eye:
Going up against the totally accurate, brilliantly realised Gorehead:
James was up for it alright, but work pressures has meant its taken until now to see just what would happen when the two meet. Fantastic isn't it? But, who's going to win? Ta ever so James for doing this!
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