Wednesday, 26 October 2011

How could i forget?

Was having a sort out, filing my Thrill Power away into boxes, when i stumbled over this excellent cover from the Megazine of 2002.
Stunned that i'd forgotten such an image that parallels what i'm up to now, especially as it includes two of my all-time favourites in Artie Gruber and a Biog, and amazed that its Dredd vs characters from the 70's, the very theme for the opening image in this project of mine - and both drawn by the mighty Cliff Robinson.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Artie Gruber by Rufus Dayglo

While i tread water waiting for a new piece, lets look back, back, back to those early days when the basic idea was to just get folks' takes on my favourite characters from the past.
And there sure wasn't many more favourite back in '78 than Artie Gruber - hell, i even melted my Action Man over the gas ring to get my own one.
So, who better at a Dreddcon to do me an Artie (so to speak) than reknowned 70's comics fan and all round Top Bloke, Rufus.
He did this in minutes, totally without reference material or any warning whatsoever.
Lovely stuff.