Monday, 6 February 2012

Gnasher vs Johnny Alpha

Very pleased to see Boo here as he has a unique style, highly reminiscent of Artists gone by, who's quirky style made them so distinctive and instantly reconisible.
Like Carl, this one is a little bit different from the initial idea.
Boo is very well known these days for his work on "Judge Anderson", so i thought she'd be the logical choice for the Modern character.
But Boo said that he gets to draw Anderson all day and fancied doing something he'd never likely get the chance to do otherwise - a Strontium Dog and Dennis the Menace's dog.
As he says, he's gone off brief a little as Gnasher, as the Old character, is still in print, but he's gone down the route of Gnasher being an old character who he used to read 35 years ago.
Well, that's fine by me Boo - and ta very much!
BTW - i won't name the Old character that was going to be used as i still wnat to see him here and i don't want to ruin the surprise as i've thought of another Artist who's style would suit him as much as Boo's.
Stay posted (hopefully).