Friday, 16 January 2015

Balls rolling

So to speak.
Yep, a bunch of the proverbials are rolling as i type and hopefully there'll be new treats to share with you before long, both here and over on my "Batman 186" project (link to it is on the sidebar to the right) and i'm really looking forward to that.
As a taster, a wee glimpse from a prelim of one of the new pieces and, as i'm sure you can tell from the ear, its for Batman 186

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Shakara vs Biogs by Conor Boyle

Right from the start of this project, i wanted Shakara to be one of the "new" characters. Okay, that was quite a while back now and there's been no tale of the fella for a long while, but i still wanted him in there. And, being an adversary of all manner of alien races, there was only one type that i wanted for the "old" - the Biogs from way back in Prog 1 of 2000AD and the relaunch of Dan Dare.
I've waffled on long-time over on my "AIEEEE!" Blog about my love for Massimo's incredible creations, so i won't repeat myself here.
Top choice for the project was Shakara's co-creator himself, Henry Flint. But Henry doesn't take on commissions, so i thought the scene would remain an idea and no more.
But then i met Conor Boyle at a Demoncon in Maidstone (scroll down the page here for more of what Conor produced for me that day) and i was blown away by his talent and his incredible fine detail work. And that was just for his sketches.
When i saw what he did for comics and commissions, i knew i'd found a perfect artist for the job.
Happily, Conor was up for the gig, once he'd got some other pieces done and it wasn't long before we were discussing first basic composistions, of which there were four:

and then slight tweaks here and there until he arrived at what you see here today. I'm SO pleased with this its untrue - he's nailed Shakara perfectly and he's done something that i didn't ask him to do, which is something i loved that the Biogs did in the Dan Dare strip sometimes -frown over those massive eyes they have, giving them a real sinister appearance. Top Bloke that Conor - friendly, polite and very, very talented.
Ta ever so Conor!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Old One Eye vs Gorehead by James McKay

Was SO thrilled to hear that Flesh was coming back. Not only coming back, but it'd be a direct sequel to my 2nd favourite strip when 2000AD first started. It'll have Trans Time! It'll have cowboys! It'll have outlandish dinosaur gore! And, hopefully, great looking dinosaurs too. Happily, James really delivered on that front and, as soon as i read the first episode, i got in touch with the fella to see if he'd take part in this here project. Straight away i knew what i wanted: The now totally inaccurate, standing bolt upright, portly, big-headed Old One Eye:
Going up against the totally accurate, brilliantly realised Gorehead:
James was up for it alright, but work pressures has meant its taken until now to see just what would happen when the two meet. Fantastic isn't it? But, who's going to win? Ta ever so James for doing this!
Flesh © 2012 Rebellion A/S. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A spin-off project

An idea i had long before this project was to do with this Bat-cover. Its my Number 1 image from my childhood Bat-reading, an image that's stayed with me all these years and, even now, looking at it i get a deep down, emotional reaction to it. So, i thought it'd be nice to ask artists to have a go at their own version of it. As long as the three characters were there and were doing what they're doing, how they went about it and what it'd look like is totally up to them. Very pleased to say that i've my first two now. If you care to pop over to my Bat-Blog, you'll see them in all their glory:

Monday, 23 April 2012

Black Max by Lawrence Cambell

Also at Demoncon was Lawrence Cambell - charming, brilliant artist doing head sketches for free. So out comes my Max reference pic. I left it with Lawrence and came back later. I'd mentioned that Max is based on Boris Karloff and Lawrence had Googled his image on his iPhone and was using that classic, iconic shot from "The Mummy", which i think you can really see here.

Giant Bat by Conor Boyle

Was at Maidtone's Demoncon comic convention yesterday and i met the VERY talented and hopefully to be a star soon, Conor Boyle. Great guy, great artist and didn't mind me at all thrusting a reference pic of Black Max's beastie to have a go at. He's nailed that long cat/bear face hasn't he?

Monday, 6 February 2012

Gnasher vs Johnny Alpha

Very pleased to see Boo here as he has a unique style, highly reminiscent of Artists gone by, who's quirky style made them so distinctive and instantly reconisible.
Like Carl, this one is a little bit different from the initial idea.
Boo is very well known these days for his work on "Judge Anderson", so i thought she'd be the logical choice for the Modern character.
But Boo said that he gets to draw Anderson all day and fancied doing something he'd never likely get the chance to do otherwise - a Strontium Dog and Dennis the Menace's dog.
As he says, he's gone off brief a little as Gnasher, as the Old character, is still in print, but he's gone down the route of Gnasher being an old character who he used to read 35 years ago.
Well, that's fine by me Boo - and ta very much!
BTW - i won't name the Old character that was going to be used as i still wnat to see him here and i don't want to ruin the surprise as i've thought of another Artist who's style would suit him as much as Boo's.
Stay posted (hopefully).