Saturday, 2 July 2011

Janus Stark vs Defoe - Leigh Gallagher

During the creation of Cliff's commisssion, i got to thinking that as well as having the Dredd versus those characters piece, it would be nice to see an old classic character meeeting up with a modern one.
Part of the fun of it would be choosing which characters would meet,
who would draw them (if they were up for it),
and what they would end up doing.
First to come up with the goods for this project was Leigh Gallagher, and i can't think of anyone more appropriate to kick things off.
Since Defore started in 2000AD, i've been waffling on about Leigh's stunning B&W art and how he seems to be the natural successor to the likes of Lopez and Font etc with his incredibly moody and evocative line work.
That's especially true with his London vistas - very inkeeping with Lopez's work on Janus Stark, as just the title logo can show:

So, it was a natch that i'd go for Stark meeting Defoe. Luckily, Leigh was up for it almost straight away and very soon came up with these two ideas i had to choose from:

I'd have loved to have seen the nose to nose version completed as its a lovely shot and he's totally nailed Janus' hawk-like nose and forehead.
But the other shot really gets across Stark's nimbleness, along with showing off how dead hard Defoe is, so i went with that one.
And mighty pleasd i am with it - cheers Leigh!

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