Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Black Max Commission - Chris Weston

I'd been having a hankering for quite a while to commission my own piece of Black Max art, mainly because it doesn't look like any of the original Font pages will ever see the light of day.
Straight from the off, i thought i could go two ways with one - the moody, gothic horror way, or the more factual traditional war route.
I went with the latter first as (A) i'd just been chuffed to bits with Chris' Spider he did, (B) Chris had been posting on his Blog what a fan he was of the character, (C) Chris had already proven himself superb at WW1 hardware and aerial scenes with his excellent work on "Enemy Ace".
So, i was put on his commission list and it wasn't too long before he was asking what i was after.
All i said was a full shot of Max, with maybe a Giant Bat in the background.
Before long, Chris asked me if this prelim was ok:

Yep, you heard right: A. PRELIM.
I've seen tons of prelims before but this just blew me away - it ain't a prelim, its a fully finished piece!
Of course it was ok - every detail was absolutely spot-on, even down to the Bats todgers.
And i especially loved the castle and the detail on it.
Chris said if it was okay, he'd finish it off.
Saying of course yes, i couldn't really see how he could better it but, of course, if you compare the two, he's piled detail on to detail on to detail.
Stunning, stunning stuff that i'm hugely impressed by and love to own. Both versions.

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