Thursday, 1 September 2011

Giant Bat vs Demon Jenny - Dom Reardon

With his brilliant B&W work, Dom was always on my list for this project and i couldn't wait to see what he'd come up with.
For the modern character, there could only be one for me - Demon Jenny from Caballistics Inc, with that fantastic, distinctive look she has.
Trouble was, who from the past could be a match for a demon?
I did consider Cursitor Doom, figuring he could try to match her with his magic. But, nah, she'd wipe the floor with him.
So then thought someone with brute force on their side might be more of a match.
Did consider Mytek The Mighty - but having her facing off against a giant robot ape might look silly.
In the end i thought one of Black Max's giant bats would be more in keeping with the horror element of Jenny.
So that's what i asked Dom for.
And that's all - just the two characters and not what they'd be doing.
Thing is, i'd imagined Jenny to be up in the air, about to do battle with the bat.
So it was quite a surprise to see Dom had done just that.
Cheers Dom!

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